Game Fishing

Game fishing on our loch is a major activity at “Lago di Oz”.
Our loch, featuring a surface of about two and a half hectares with a maximum depth of about five meters, hosts several species of fishes such as black basses and carps, some of which might reach the weight of 13Kgs.
All carp-fishing and spinning lovers are welcome to demand for the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) sport badge at Lago di Oz and join us after reading and respecting our Fishing Rules in order to maintain a sport correct practice in full harmony with our park’s philosophy.


  • All fishermen must accomplish with the CONI membership from the company Roses S.s.d.a.r.l. which ensure for the insurance for one year from the date of badge release.
  • The permitted fishing techniques are the following:
    – Carp fishing in fixed post.
    – Spinning and casting in movement, with small watercraft and belly boat.
    – Fly fishing in movement, with small watercraft and belly boat.
    – Classic bottom fishing and with float, English way or Bolognese way, always in fixed post.
    – Fishing on the loch is solely and exclusively catch & release.
  • Carp-fishers are allowed to carry three fishing rods (in case of need to add one additional rod it is possible only after authorization by park’s administration and surcharge payment).
  • Spinning fishers can carry one fishing rod per fishermen.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bait with pellets, with corn, peanuts and other similar seeds which are not boiled.
    It is strictly forbidden to use farinaceous baiting or batters of various entity. Baiting limit with boiles is fixed to 500 grams per fishing day.
    It is allowed to use silkworms with a baiting limit of 500grams per fishing session. It is possible to use natural lures such as earth worms, corns, chickpeas.
  • It is strictly forbidden to light fires, trim rushes and any other change in the environment for arranging a personal fishing spot.
  • Cars must be parked exclusively on parking areas and they cannot be parked in other green areas; equipment loading and unloading activities shall be arranged in coordination with park’s management.
  • Fishes’ death due to abuse or negligence will directly bring to expulsion from the park with no right of reimbursement, to unlimited ban from entering and to a sanction of 100 €/Kg.
  • Minors are allowed to fish only after authorization signed by parents.
  • For all other information, please refer to park’s management based in the restaurant or call phone number +39 0736 898206.



Download our RESPONSIBILITY DECLARATION FORMnecessary for practice fishing activities in the park.

Download our RESPONSIBILITY DECLARATION FORM  necessary for practice fishing activities in the park.